Ugo e Parisina

This room, also known as “Degli Amanti” (The Lovers’ Room), is the reconstruction of a Renaissance bedroom, with a traditional bed closed on three sides to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

This room was inspired by the story of the lovers Ugo and Parisina, who lived in the Este court in the Renaissance period and whose story was told by Lord Byron, amongst others. The room contains some references to the love story of these two lovers from Este.

The room is perfect for short stays and young couples.

Small double bed, 140 cm wide and 193 cm long, closed on three sides (see image).

En-suite bathroom with shower.

This room can NOT be equipped with an extra bed or a cot.

First floor room.

Room size: 13 m².

Couples staying in this room will receive a complimentary bottle of wine and a herbal infusion inspired by an old Renaissance recipe.

Small area for making hot drinks equipped with a kettle, cups, tea and sugar.

Ground floor room with a private entrance and patio area. Bathroom with one-person multifunction shower (chromotherapy and sauna).