You are more than a customer; you are a guest in our home.

Welcome to our home. We are a young couple with a strong desire to bring our dream to life. “Ai frutti di una volta” has given us the physical space in which to focus on our family, but also some head space that has allowed us to develop our  passion for contact with people, animals, nature, music and good food. Green living is a vocation for us, as you will see when you meet us, and we have always had a natural curiosity about what all the people in this great community that we call the World think and how they live.

Welcome to “Ai frutti di una volta”, the home of Roberta’s grandparents, who back in the late nineteenth century chose to live in this green part of Ferrara located just a few minutes from the city centre. It was in this area that Ferrara saw the development of its first residential area. The famous walls of the Unesco World Heritage site are just a short walk away. We like to describe our Room & Breakfast as “typical without overdoing it”. Furniture that once belonged to our grandparents and that we felt strongly about keeping in the name of tradition, sits perfectly well alongside modern energy-saving technology. “Ai frutti di una volta” is also home to a broken grandfather clock, which reminds you not to worry about passing time, but concentrate on enjoying your trip, even if it is only a brief business trip.

You are welcome in our home.