“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art anyone could ever want to own.” Andy Warhol

 We always wanted to create a home with the lowest possible ecological impact. This concept guided us throughout the restoration of this property, which dates back to 1850. If you would like to know more about how we gave our house a new lease of life please view the video clip by clicking here.

What we have achieved.

Subsequent to an analysis performed by TripAdvisor’s specialists in ecological impact, our hotel has been awarded the title of “GOLD Greenleader“!  The property has also been given a Class A energy consumption rating.

How did we manage to achieve this award?

Our building is not connected to the mains gas network and is managed using electrical, solar and pellet systems.

The 8.28kW system of PV panels provides us with almost all of the electricity we need. The heat pump maintains a cool temperature in the summer and lovely warmth that rises from the floor in the winter, retained thanks to the external insulation. The two solar thermal panels and the pellet stove meet our daily needs for hot water.

We recycle our waste, compost food waste, use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are ecological, biodegradable and have low-impact packaging. Most of our light bulbs are LED and we use water from a well to water the garden.