Pillows menu

To each his own when it comes to pillows! Try a different night’s rest by selecting a pillow from our menu. Request your favourite type of pillow at the time of booking.
Choose from the following three types:

  • Relax – Our standard pillow filled with latex flakes for a degree of adaptability and 100% cotton pillowcase.
  • Aloe Vera – Pillow with a 100% cotton pillowcase treated Aloe Vera for the most relaxing night’s sleep possible thanks to its calming properties.
  • Orthopaedic – Pillow filled with visco elastic flakes that the right support for the neck whilst sleeping as it follow the lines of the body. Its special structure is OEKO-TEX® certified against the use of harmful substances and is therefore suitable for those suffering from allergies.

Terms and conditions of the service The service must be requested at the time of booking and will increase the rate by an extra cost of €5.00 per pillow.

Historic tour

If you would like to discover our wonderful city of Ferrara in an original and entertaining manner, you will love this new service.

We offer an introductory tour of Ferrara in our vintage car that lasts about an hour.

What car is it?! It is a legendary 1977 Citroen 2CV. This splendid car will take you to see the beautiful Renaissance city walls, Piazza Ariostea and for a drive along some of the most charming roads in the city.

Terms and conditions The tour must be booked 24 hours in advance, costs €20.00 and can accommodate maximum two people at a time. The tour is subject to weather conditions. No payment will be requested for this service in the event that the tour cannot take place.

A barter

A holiday without spending 1€?! Is that possible?

We have an exciting proposition for you. Barter your skills in exchange for a holiday as a special guest in our B&B. A modern way of travelling to combat the economic crisis!

Are you an expert Web Master? A painter? A Dutch or German translator? A restorer? Applications are open!

 “Ai frutti di una volta” is offering an unmissable opportunity to barter your skills in exchange for a free stay in our B&B.

Please get in touch with us if you are curious and would like more information. We would be happy to have you stay and it would not cost you a penny.

Ai frutti tips

You’ll be in Ferrara just for one day and you need to know what you definitely can’t miss? Or are you staying for more days and you need some in-depth advice? Or maybe you just prefere to experience the city the local’s way?

Don’t worry, with our Ai Frutti Tips you can’t go wrong!