Our breakfast 2.0

We want to awaken all of your senses with our breakfast.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Roberta, your “breakfast chef”, or as Marco likes to call me, your “official hotchpotch maker”.

I am passionate about zero food miles and I always tell my guests that breakfast is the first opportunity to get to know the territory.
However, I am also a hardened traveller and my morning feasts often include foods that have  caught my attention during my travels. From sweet surprises to yoghurt, home made bread and savoury treats…they all tell of my journey. You will also find seasonal fruit from my garden, which is a real passion of mine. One of our friends has enjoyed some success recently and we would like to share it with you: the coffee served in our B&B every morning, which is made by Alberto Trabatti Torrefacteur, has been included in an important specialised website as one of the “Top Ten” artisan coffee roasters!

What about the weekend? On Saturdays and Sundays, breakfast becomes brunch. A longer start to the day with some relaxing music shortens the gap to lunchtime. My “express” creations await you. Little culinary surprises to be enjoyed immediately and at just the right temperature.

My goal is to bring a smile to your face at the start of your day. Whether you are on holiday or sitting at my table for business reasons, my job is to give you the best start to the day. It is a challenging role, but it gives me the opportunity to express myself and that is what I love about my “trade”.

A great start to the day for everyone: when you have a restricted diet due to conditions such as celiac disease, diabetes or dietary intolerances to substances such as lactose, breakfast can be complicated. If you can let us know in advance what your breakfast needs are, we will do our best to make sure you also enjoy a special start to the day!

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